Remember how last year, everyone kept saying how it was not so Christmassy?

Well, I think apologies should be in order. To the year that we pushed to the curb because this one, pushed us right into it.

Two thousand and twenty. The year that had been before being. 2020 was supposed to be the year in which we all became. It was in this year that things were to focus and function.

For so long, we had waited for 2020. We had been told things would be better, electricity would be functioning, roads be better, food in abundance, and a whole lot more.

We all believed it and so we had a lot of hope.

And then the year came, it started out small. And before we knew it, our whole garden of fresh leaves and fruits, began to wither.

I don’t want to remind you how the year must have been for you, I just want to know, based on the year we’ve all had, How Christmassy do we get to be?

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