What do you mean?

I was walking down the road one day when a passer-by asked for the time. I said, “What do you mean?”. He said, “Please could you tell me the time, as I have forgotten my watch at home today.” I was astounded for a second. Not astounded, because he had forgotten his watch at home, astounded because he obviously didn’t have a cell phone of his own to see the time in and had to ask people what the time was, as if this story was set in the 18th Century. So hurt by his poverty, I said, “Sir please , its high time you buy a cell phone.” He said , “What do you mean?”. So I explained to him my deductions in a Sherlockian style, anticipating a round of applause at the end. However the man’s mustache curled up of it’s own accord and he angrily replied, “How can you assume I don’t have a cell-phone of mine just because I asked you what time it is? You imbecile, my screen has cracked, I have an appointment with the service centre this afternoon and I am late for it or not depending on the time you tell me.” Taken aback by this sudden departure from my deductions, I looked upto my wrist to inform this gentleman the time he so desperately needed and saw no watch on it. May be I too must have forgotten it at home. So I reflexively searched for my cell phone in the right pocket of my trousers. Where my hands generally feel the curved polish aluminium metallic body of my cell phone, now they felt nothing but air. I looked up, feeling like fool chiding someone for something I didn’t have myself. Looking up to apologize, the gentleman was running away with my cell phone and watch in his hands. Now, What do you mean?

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