5 Reasons why Hiring Lead Generation Company BEATS In-House Marketing

If you are new to the business and just setting up a marketing team, chances are you may not know exactly the difference between hiring lead generation company Vs. hiring a marketing team. Actually it is pretty huge!

Many businesses have found that lead generation works excellent as compared to an in-house team, while some others has a strong opinion that it is a great addition to what they might be already doing in-house mainly to get more out of the given time and situation.

Let us see 5 reasons why hiring lead generation company works much better than hiring an in-house marketing team to bring in new business:

1. Ready Ecosystem

When you hire a lead generation company’s service, the entire ecosystem is already set up for you. It is like you specify your requirements, they start the preparation to generate leads and you are ready to go. It is just like a Plug-and-Play game.

2. Lower Costs

Think about all the time, money, and effort you will have to invest to hire a complete marketing team. A good lead generator service will cost you around approx. 10% of the total jobs. Hiring a lead generator service instead of a complete marketing team will give you the best bang for your buck.

3. Performance is Trackable

When you hire a lead generator service, you get experts opinion and years of experience behind it and their performance is easily tracked because of their delivery commitment being predefined. Within in-house teams tracking can become painful and cumbersome and may appear as bosses micro managing the teams.

4. Time Saver

Hiring a new person for your office is always a risk in terms of managing their quirks and what if the existing teams leaves for good? It brings on the challenge of altogether hiring new people and training them and getting them to the level of performing as per the expectation. This risk is mitigated with the Lead Generating company as they know your product in an out and would not leave you for anyone and would not need constant training thus saving you a lot of time for other key tasks.

5. You can Part Easily

Unlike your in-house marketing team, you will be able to part with your lead generation company easily if there are not meeting your expectations whereas with in house teams you have to keep a lot of patience and support it with training, guidance, coaching till the time they do not perform up to the mark.

You have probably noticed that how outsourcing lead generation beats in-house marketing in more than just one way. You also will be amazed at the value a lead generator service can provide your company, compared to the other alternatives available.

Happy Selling :-)

Rekha Jain — Founder @ Jet Leads