7 Factors to Consider When Buying Used Medical Equipment

Purchasing medical monitoring equipment for your home or business is a major expense, but one that can’t be set aside. However, you can save a little money without giving up peace of mind when you choose to buy used medical equipment. Here are 7 factors to evaluate when purchasing used monitoring systems.
1. Ask the Professionals
Doctors and nurses understand your equipment needs. Before ordering replacement equipment or upgrading existing equipment, don’t forget to ask the professionals for their opinions on features.

2. Spacing and Size
Not every space can accommodate all pieces of medical monitoring equipment. If you’re outfitting a new space or upgrading old equipment, make sure you know how and where it will fit.

3. Height and Weight
Don’t forget to consider the height and weight of the used medical equipment you’re purchasing. Many patient systems do more than just take up a lot of space — they can also be heavy. Be cautious and ensure the space you plan to use for the equipment can handle the heft.

4. Technical Support
Modern equipment often requires technical support. Before you buy, find out what kind of technical support the company from which you’re buying offers. The top-rated used equipment companies offer 24–7 technical support, because critical patient monitoring systems need to work even in the off-hours.

5. Repair Service
Finding repair service and parts for patient monitoring equipment isn’t quite as easy as looking through the phone book. Find out where and how your system can be repaired and also where you can get parts for your equipment in the event you need them.

6. Certified Systems
Certified patient monitoring systems are carefully inspected to ensure that the used equipment you’re purchasing still has a lot of life and use left in it.

7. Rentals
Your needs may change over time, and buying used equipment may not be necessary or fiscally feasible. Many used medical equipment companies offer rentals so you have high quality patient monitoring systems for times with high demand, or when the situation calls for temporary use rather than permanent.

When you’re looking to purchase used medical equipment for patient monitoring, you can’t go wrong with Jet Medical. We’ve been supplying used patient monitoring equipment like Datascope monitors, anesthetic gas monitors, fetal monitors, electrocardiographs, defibrillators, and more since 1985.
As a family and veteran-owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on offering equipment that is covered by warranty. We offer 24–7 telephone technical support as well as repair options to all 50 states. Our customers don’t have to worry about reliability because the equipment we sell them comes with a warranty. Call Jet Medical today to learn more about our diverse, used medical monitoring products.

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