Real Estate News Headlines // November 12th 2015

Jethro Seymour, one of the Top Toronto Real Estate Brokers, provides you with Canadian real estate news headlines

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the OECD, the rich country think-tank, both worried publicly about the economic impact of a short term downturn in housing prices.
The fears of both groups are primarily based on the idea that higher interest rates will create a housing correction in an overheated market.
In the complex calculus of changing real estate prices, there is a second, less-discussed trend affecting the price of your home. That is the baby boom bulge, which in some sectors of the market is about to cause the gradual unwinding of a boomer housing bubble. And the effect might not be quite what you imagine.

Regardless of your motivation, renting is a great option for many of us across the country. Affordability and convenience are just a couple reasons why people prefer this option and others just like the change of scenery and inspiration that a new neighbourhood can offer. While certain cities like Toronto seem to defy real estate logic (the crash has been “coming” for a decade now) here are some of the cities in Canada with the greatest increases and decreases in housing rental costs. Based on the most recent information published by the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CHMC), here are the cities across the country where rent is rising and where prices are falling for rental housing options.

Jethro Seymour, Davisville Real Estate Broker at Royal LePage RES Ltd., Johnston & Daniel Division

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