Hi. My name is Liam, and I’m an aspiring sports writer. I’ve been a fan of the New York Jets for the entirety of my short life. I say “my short life” because I’m only thirteen years old. So, if anybody is actually reading this thing, they’d probably say something like “Why the hell is an 8th grader writing on Medium?” Well, if I’m being honest here, I asked myself the same question. I fought with myself about things like “Is it even worth it if nobody’s gonna read it anyway?” and “Do I really need MORE essay typing outside of my schoolwork?” The short answer to those questions is, well, yes, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. I knew I’d write about sports, but I didn’t know which one to give my thoughts on. I love sports, and I could write endlessly about any one of them. Ultimately, I decided to write about football. The NFL, specifically. I know more about that than anything else, so why not, right? I’m a big Jets fan, and honestly, it’s been rough. Not to jinx it or anything, but this season seems to be going fairly well, so maybe the suffering is over. (*knock on wood*)

The biggest reason that I want to write about my Jets is because I don’t have many people to talk to about that stuff. Nobody in my family likes sports, and Jets fans are something of a rarity here in Connecticut. As a result of this, the only people I really have to talk to about my team is this keyboard and anybody who is willing to listen to the ramblings of a thirteen year old that they’ve never met. Even if the only person who reads these articles (is that what they’re called?) is me, I’m hoping that I can get better at writing anyway. That English grade has gotta go up, ya know? So, if you’re interested in the opinions of a kid who thinks he knows what he’s talking about (but probably doesn’t), you know where to go.

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