Jets Week 7 Recap

Jets-23 Patriots-30, Final

Not a lot to say about this game. The Jets-Patriots rivalry peaked in intensity during the Rex Ryan era, and in my opinion (your’e gonna be reading that phrase a lot) it was a big part of why Rex was fired. The Patriots were just an obsession for Rex, the fans, and likely the players. The Jets seemed to be too caught up in what the Patriots were doing rather than what they were doing and how they could be doing it better, and it cost them.

The game was sloppy on both sides of the ball for both teams. The Patriots had a team total of 11 drops. Yes, 11. Not what you’d expect to see out of the defending Super Bowl champs. That being said, there were a few exciting plays. With less than a minute left, the Jets called an onside kick in the hopes of getting the ball back. Jamie Collins Bucknered the ball, letting it slip through his legs, and the Jets recovered. After a short completion by Ryan Fitzpatrick, New York was left 37 yds away from a touchdown with no timeouts. They tried to spike the ball, but wideout Brandon Marshall never got set on the play, so that resulted in a penalty and ultimately the end of the game. You can see the final box score here.

My Player of the Game: Tom Brady

34–54, 63 comp %, 355 yds, 2 TDs

Whether you hate Tom Brady or love him more than your mother, there’s no denying that he’s one of the greatest to play the game. Ever. But with 54 attempts, anyone and their brother could look serviceable. Brady led the Patriots with 5 rushes for 15 yds. I think you could say the Pats are a passing team. There wasn’t a player in this game who really popped out at you, but 355 and 2 TDs is pretty good no matter what else you look at.

Biggest Liability: Brandon LaFell

LaFell dropping a pass. Again.

2 rec, 25 yds, 6 drops

Oh boy. Who wasn’t a liability in this game? You have Ryan Fitzpatrick fumbling on the opening drive, Brandon Marshall dropping an endzone pass, Marcus Gilchrist only making a pair of unassisted tackles… All of those embarrassing stats kiss the feet of LaFell’s 6 drops. In LaFell’s season debut, the Patriots had 11 drops as a team, but to have six by yourself? That’s cause for concern.

Jets’ receiver Brandon Marshall took the loss upon himself. “My a** should be walking back New York.” As a teammate, that’s what you have to say. You have to take the blame or a loss. But we all know that the Jets wouldn’t have the four wins that they do without him. Sure, naysayers might point out that both losses can be put on him, but what many don’t realize is that Marshall is a pivotal part of Chan Gailey’s offense, and you can easily accredit both victories to him. With 41 receptions and 578 yards, Marshall is on pace for 1,541 yards on the season, the most for a Jets receiver since 2007 when Jerricho Cotchery caught 82 passes for 1,130 yards.

How was my first article? Feedback is much appreciated!