In “5 Minutes With,” we sit down with a Jetty team member and ask them about their life and their job. Let’s get to know Saul on our Finance team.

Where you currently live: Glen Rock, NJ

Why did you join Jetty? First, brand and innovation. Jetty is a forward-thinking brand with innovative solutions for the everyday renter and I’m excited to be part of that change. Second, culture. Jetty has genuinely kind, smart, and driven people, and a culture that fosters innovation, creativity, and teamwork. …

We redesigned the Jetty Deposit purchase experience with an updated look and feel

We’re excited to share that we just launched an updated Jetty Deposit purchase experience, as part of our effort to make the process of getting signed up for Jetty as easy as possible.

This redesign improves the Jetty enrollment process in two ways:

  • Easier purchase experience. We updated the look and feel to make it easier for residents to purchase Jetty Deposit.
  • Reduced number of steps. We removed two steps to speed up the process and get leases signed more quickly.

Our design team accomplished these goals by making drastic changes to the visual language of the process, switching from…

New regulations show that legislators are paying attention, and underscore the magnitude of the affordability crisis

Housing affordability is a serious issue in the U.S.

The U.S. is in the middle of a housing affordability crisis, and the problem continues to grow. Rental costs are increasing, wages are stagnant, and the share of renter households that are considered “severely rent burdened” continues to grow year-over-year.

Still, renting is a more affordable option than buying in most major housing markets. As a result, more people are renting for longer — which only contributes to the shortage of housing inventory that fuels rental cost increases.

New regulations show that legislators are paying attention

In 2019, we’ve seen legislators across the country advocate for bills intended to address the lack of affordable rental housing.

Oregon imposed…

Making a splash at NAA’s Apartmentalize and learning what it takes to stand out in the crowded space of multifamily

A moment for brand

We’ve always believed that a strong brand is an essential part of connecting with renters and property managers. That’s why when we decided to have a booth at Apartmentalize, the National Apartment Association’s (NAA) biggest conference of the year, we approached the process of preparing the same way we approach everything else: with rigor and attention to detail.

As we developed ideas for our booth, we knew that we wanted to not only highlight the visual components of Jetty brand, but serve as an experience for everyone who stopped to see it. …

MG Properties Group is offering Jetty across its entire portfolio

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with MG Properties Group! Through our partnership, Jetty Deposit and Jetty Lease Guaranty will be offered across the company’s entire portfolio of 20,000 units across 70 properties.

After an in-depth evaluation and vetting process, MG Properties chose Jetty as its exclusive vendor for both a security deposit alternative product and lease guaranty services at its properties in Washington, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with Jetty across our portfolio,” said Chris Hagen, Senior Vice President, MG Properties. …

Member Care Associate

In “5 Minutes With,” we sit down with a Jetty team member and ask them about their life and their job. Let’s get to know Brooke on our Member Care team.

Neighborhood: Atlanta, GA (East Lake)

Why did you join Jetty? I was looking for a place where I could be myself and contribute to a company that appreciates empathy, and I also wanted to do something that was beneficial to others. …

Our inaugural report on the state of renter sentiment in the U.S.

[Click here to jump to the full report]

Today’s renters are stressed.

They worry about making monthly rent payments, they struggle to afford up-front move-in costs — and they’re ready for change.

These are some of the problems we set out to solve at Jetty. And as we work toward accomplishing that goal — in fact, we’re already seeing that Jetty Members are more satisfied with the leasing experience than non-Members — we’re interested in fully understanding the challenges that renters face in the rental process.

That’s why for our inaugural Renter Sentiment report, we surveyed renters across a wide…

The first-ever platform built for properties to instantly approve students

We’re excited to announce Student Housing Express, the first-ever platform designed to speed up and simplify the leasing process for student housing property managers.

Strict guarantor requirements have long created problems for both students and property managers. These requirements not only stand in the way of housing for many students — either preventing them from getting approved for the buildings they want or leaving them with cost-prohibitive up-front fees — but they force student housing properties to turn away residents and therefore risk not filling units.

Now, with Student Housing Express, student housing properties can use Jetty Lease Guaranty to instantly approve qualifying students who aren’t able to get a traditional guarantor. This enables them to get leases signed faster and more easily than ever.

Learn more at!

Partner Success Manager

In “5 Minutes With,” we sit down with a Jetty team member and ask them about their life and their job. Let’s get to know Daniel on our Partner Success team.

Neighborhood: Hewlett, New York

Why did you join Jetty? I wanted to be part of a forward-thinking company and get the chance to work with the incredible team here. Beyond offering the best products in the market and truly helping our Members, there is a strong emphasis on job satisfaction, which has made Jetty a great company to work for. As a scaling startup, there are a lot of…

There’s a strong case for new types of financial services in the luxury market

We rolled out with Rose Associates, offering all three of Jetty’s products (Jetty Deposit, Jetty Renters Insurance, and Jetty Lease Guaranty) across the Rose portfolio. We’re excited to be partnered with one of the leading multi-family and mixed-use real estate developers and operators, with over $2 billion in projects developed in the last five years and more than 14,000 units under management across New York.

“We’ve been impressed by the way Jetty’s financial products have provided meaningful solutions to our residents,” said Scott Marino, executive director of Multifamily at Rose Associates. “We pride ourselves in our ability to offer as…


On a mission to make renting more affordable and effortless for everyone.

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