Rajesh Exports Limited turns out to be a profitable investment option

Started in 1990, Rajesh Exports Limited is world’s largest gold jewelry manufacturing company. It is a firm with ledgers boasting of zero debt owed.The organization has set up the world’s biggest gold jewelry manufacturing unit at White Field, Bangalore, with a capacity to handle 250 tons of gold and process it into world’s finest Jewelry. In total, Rajesh Exports Limited has an ability to fabricate 350 tons of gold items.

The manufacturing facility sprawls over 12 acres of land of area with a developed zone of 500000 sqft. REL is additionally the lowest expense gold Jewelry assembling organization in the world. The organization has as of late procured 100% stake in Valcambi, the world’s biggest gold refinery with central command at Switzerland. With this obtaining the organization has developed as the single biggest constituent of the worldwide gold business.

REL is the only company in the world that has involvement over the complete quality chain of gold from Refining, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Export and Retail of gold items. SHUBH Jewelers, which is the retail brand of REL is a standout amongst the most trusted retail gold gems brands in India. With its retail activity, under the brand name of SHUBH Jewelers, REL has developed as the biggest retail gem specialist in State of Karnataka and the main completely coordinated gold adornments organization in the world.

REL imports debased gold from the mines, refines this gold at its own refinery, forms this refined gold and produces adornments at its own biggest gold gems fabricating office, sends out the gems, wholesales the gems and furthermore retails the gems straightforwardly to the end customer at its own particular retail locations under the brand name of SHUBH Jewelers. SHUBH Jewelers has 80 Jewelry showrooms across Karnataka. The obtaining of Valcambi is a way breaking occasion for the organization in light of which the progressing execution of the organization will be further complimented by the cooperative energies of Valcambi.

Execution of Valcambi would likewise be further united, which would guarantee fantastic execution by the organization in the coming quarters. We expect that the organization surplus situation is prone to proceed for the following a few years, will keep its development story in the coming quarters moreover.