I Tipped Exactly Fifteen Percent and Now I Feel Bad
Michelle Hozey

That’s a thing but that’s HER thing! Servers, waiters, Flo’s (and I can say this because for 15 years I had to slang hash) make damn good money. In any other profession you have to put your game face on even if your grandma died the day before. She is not an exception to this rule. It is also her responsibility to make sure her station is well manicured, tidy and stocked. The napkins should be displayed in an appealing way and so should her performance towards her customer. You’re a kind person who has tact and compassion. You should not feel that you left too little or too much. You left what you, a woman with values, dignity and respect for other women in the work force should have left. And trust me SHE is more than aware of her performance​. If I was her when I saw the tip, I would of chased after you in the parking lot and gave you a free muffin. You deserved it!

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