Go Fuck Yourself Baba, Go Fuck Yourself Token (BABA)

AN ERC-20 TOKEN distributed by “PROOF-OF-ANNOYANCE”, the crypto meta game featuring the YoBit.net trading community.


Tokens will be distributed to registered users whenever certain events take place on the exchange. For example, users might receive tens of thousands of tokens whenever SantonioT says something about CL, or whenever somebody declares that they are “telegram masochist”.

Led by developer, Orbitaldescent (above), the Baba team will develop an objective method to calculate annoyance.

Some events will have caps on the number of times they can trigger a payment during a certain time interval. Other events are considered “legendary” and will trigger large disbursements. This will continue until all tokens in the pool have been distributed.

Add Baba to an ERC20 wallet

To add Baba to an ERC20 wallet use MyEtherWallet. If you have not created a wallet there simply sign up, and back-up your wallet. Open the wallet and on the right-side click “Add Custom Token”. Insert the following information into the three boxes:

Box 1 (Contract Address): 0x9E60c9F850A11923243178AEE17C3a95A36Ea3aF

Box 2 (Token Symbol): BABA

Box 3 (Number of Decimals): 18

Baba is now added to your myetherwallet. You can see it by clicking on the main wallet’s “Amount to Send” dropdown box. > (It will say “BABA”).

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