Ryan Lochte now the real victim

Ryan Lochte has been a douche for years, but that’s not really the problem here nor was it ever in question. This dipshit is still very much a real victim in this whole debacle. I’ll explain, keep your shorts on.

Ryan, while drunk, goes to a gas station and tears down a poster, urinates on the building and pulls down a soap dispenser. Okay, that’s drunken boarish behavior, but not exactly criminal in the sense of the response.

The response was armed guards pulling and pointing loaded handguns at Ryan and his teammates, yelling in a foreign language and demanding money.

Think about that. If you’ve been drinking, you do something quite minor that’s against the law and the response was multiple men with guns drawn yelling at you in a language you don’t understand, you don’t know who they are, and they are demanding money from you. It would be reasonable to assume that it wouldn’t have been over a soap dispenser. In this country, that probably doesn’t get the cops called much less anyone to pull a gun on you.

If you’re outside, and strangers come at you pointing a gun demanding money in a foreign language, what does that feel like? What does that look like? A lot like being robbed, yea?

Is it possible we discovered what happens in a lawless country with no police support when thousands of foreigners come to visit and drink too much and don’t speak the language and act like an asshole?

Ryan is a douche and acted like a dipshit. He should pay to fix whatever he damaged, there is no doubt. Maybe, new idea, Brazil doesn’t have random “guards” pulling guns on foreigners and demanding money. Maybe they have a judicial system. Maybe they call the police and have the guys picked up for public intoxication and minor destruction of property? Maybe the police issue a citation and fine him?

I don’t care which of us it was down there. If we do something wrong or stupid and people came out at us with guns drawn and demand money, that will go down as being robbed. Cultural differences, yo. In Brazil, apparently, being robbed at gun point is the same as settling debts for minor destruction of property.

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