The Ending Erodes Eastwood’s Legacy

A few years back as you may recall, Clint Eastwood gave a tremendously awkward yet memorable speech talking to an empty chair as if it were the President of the United States Barack Obama. Today, Clint Eastwood at 86 years old made some comments about Donald Trump, culture, and racism that should categorically devastate his legacy and end his career.

Mel Gibson’s career has never been able to recover since he made anti-semitic comments. Clint Eastwood stated that we live in a, “Pussy Generation” because we call racism racism. He does not think there is anything wrong with racism and being a racist. He thinks the problem is not with being a racist or a bigot. The problem is with the person who has a problem with someone being the racist and/or bigot.

The most damning statement he made was that, “when I grew up those things weren’t called racist.” Yea Clint, tell us more about the 1940’s and 1950’s. A time when being black was punishable by death. When segregation was the rule of the land. When women weren’t given equal rights. Tell us more about how great that time was.

Fuck Clint Eastwood, old racist bigot.