It was about getting to the point where the hum of working together became something I looked forward to. It was about the work that we did together being better than anything any of us could have done on our own, and recognizing that the debates and disagreements we had were a necessary part of getting there.
Unintuitive Lessons on Being a Designer
Julie Zhuo

Such a great summation of the nuances and subtleties of being great at a craft. This highlighted text is the true magic of your overall message to me. People working (and dealing) with each other is what elevates the output to the levels of greatness that are to be admired. The effort and debate are what makes the end product so fantastic, but we all just look at the end result without appreciation for what it actually takes. This is why greatness is so valued (because it is so much harder than it looks) and why so few realize it (because the journey is long, dark and full of uncertainty). Only in the rear view mirror does the brilliance appear…

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