I choose the strategies is slabs and columns and spatial loops (OMA). And this idea is Jussieu which is the architect created in 1992, and he use this idea to make a libraries wood model. Jussieu point out this structure rather than stacking one level on top of another, floor planes are manipulated to connect; thus forming a single trajectory — much like an interior boulevard that winds its way through the entire building. so I follow this idea to make a model. So there are some images, final model and design process. So I make a part of the floor, and it can see the floor connect together from the the bottom to the top, it just like the street, people can walk around in this building. and then, I make the model for text columns, next, I make the model for show the people how to moving on each floor. And then, this model is show the part of structure-each columns though the whole building, it can lead to the relation between the floor more strong. And I make the small one for my final. Finally, I connect each process become the final model. It can clear to what is the building look like. In this structure, it have some empty space. so it can use to building something and lead to people comfortable.


OMA — Jussieu Libraries Wood Model (1992)

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