Why We All Must Consider EncryptoTel

If you are like me, you must constantly be on the lookout for the latest telecommunication technology. While your reason may be different from mine, I think we all can agree on one thing, and it’s the fact that the latest technology typically does not only provide us with a better user experience, but also a more reliable and cost efficient performance. However, I’m fairly certain that my search is over. Blockchain technology that is popular for its incredible security which initially only used for cryptocurrency has been expanded to telecommunication sector by Encrypto Telecom, or EncryptoTel for short.

The telecom giant has developed a new breakthrough in the industry, with its first and never-before-seen encrypted communication solution. The ongoing debate surrounding civil liberties and individual privacy is, indeed, what inspired them in the first place — and to be perfectly honest, it’s the first thing that caught my attention. If the concept of cryptocurrency and its detachment from the government and banking system entices you, you will feel the same way with EncryptoTel latest innovation.

I, for one, am incredibly ecstatic in giving it a try come April 24th. How can I not when the features it has are as remarkable as its test-run reports? Basing its services on the latest Blockchain technology, EncryptoTel features a full fledge automatic cloud-based PBX and intergrated API external services with more than 100 countries listed on its direct dial numbers. As for as the security and privacy goes, EncryptoTel provides its clients with proprietary MITM encryption protocol which is highly regarded as the best attack resistant protocol.

Not only that, this latest communication technology also provides masking or free phone number substitution that may be used for unlimited communication inside its encrypted network, and you know what’s better? The fact that it also comes it allows users of different platforms to use it. It does not matter if the device you are using is on Zoiper, X-Lite, iOS, UNIX/LINUX, Android SIP, and many more!

There is no doubt that all of the aforementioned features are incredible, but that’s not it. What makes EncryptoTel even more astounding is the fact that they also make offer Call Mining benefit — in which you are given the opportunity to earn various rewards just for communicating using its encrypted network. Those who are into benefits like me would be thrilled to know that EncryptoTel has a partnership program that gives us benefits for bringing in new clients.

Website: http://ico.encryptotel.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/encryptotel
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