New Light.

A cat has 9 lives. And some Sapiens have 9 times that. To borrow from Love,… as long as it is here, we might as well shine together. God speed.


Is your eulogy. You flash nice. You feign trust. But deep down, you are toxic waste. Sometimes it smells, so no one comes close. Sometimes it dwells, yet some stay. Don’t be an asshole.


The new normal. I made it that way. Life is completely full of nothing. No friends, no close enemies, just you and your dog. Your associates too, but only when it pays.

Battery below 50%

When your battery is below 50%, it serves as the first real warning of potential lights out. If you are lucky, you get charged back up, if you are unlucky, you go down from there. 50 is here.


When you are the only one alive. Its hard to die at night. Life shines its brightest with no light. Deep dark thoughts keep you up. All you can do is wait for the light at the end.

Full of it

We are all full of shit. We sell our own variants of it. Mine stinks and your stinks too. A pleasant scent is in the mind of the nose holder. Sell your shit!


Life is sweet when the sun up
Like the trees in the summer
When the seas are troubled
Then we all need someone
My life Omo
No be small thing Omo
We all strive for more
To live life ina comfort
So forgive me if I fumble
’Cause I am only human
Somebody move that I don’t know
Hit them with the seven box combo
Always looking out my window
Paranoid and confused
I’m not sure anymore
Who is knocking at my door?
And so as the day comes, as I go on
Protect me Lord, I cannot, trust my neighbors
Be my saviour
When that day comes
Defend me from my enemies and my neighbors


Everything is shit by default. Even a goldmine would be shit in the mind of a shitter. Your work is beautiful, and keep carving it till its glaring to everyone.

Her and Him

She is cold. He is Warm. She was warm. Will he get cold? Regardless. I feel the heat. I feel the chills. The weather is always nice. I fear the day I stop feeling. That will be the day I die. God help us.


Could be all you need. Or everything you don’t need. It mirrors pride. It comes before AND after a fall. Falling for yourself is unhealthy. It fingers your brain. Get educated. And belief will flourish.

Jide Aboderin

Yuck Fou!

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