How to share files with your Chinese Business Partners?

Foreign investors or exporters build various business relationship with Chinese partners. This interaction often includes both negotiations on business conditions and work files sharing.

If you’re in America, it’s usual to use Dropbox or Box to exchange files and ensure the cooperation could go ahead smoothly. But when it comes to China,with tough network supervision by the China Government, Dropbox and Box are note available to use.

So, if you have files to share with your Chinese partners, what alternatives do you have?

We recommend a software called “Nutstore” and its’ Chinese name is “坚果云”. Nutstore is the leading cloud service in China, with the largest market share and consecutive service over 6 years. It’s a cloud storage service like Dropbox which provides the convenient and safe file synchronization, backup and sharing.

Any file you save to Nutstore will be automatically synchronized to your PC, mobile phone, and tablet. That means if you modify a file on your computer in the office, you still can continue modifying back home if you sync it to your Nutstore, instead of sending emails or use USB to copy it home.

Oversea Sync Acceleration
With its data center deployed in the USA, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Brazil, Nutstore ensures users worldwide stable and high-speed service. So, wherever you are, you can share files with your Chinese partners by Nutstore.

File Auto Sync-up
Nutstore supports all platforms, and you can use it to sync any folders on your computer.
By installing clients and creating sync folders, you can view files from different devices (PC, mobile, tablet). You can also create and modify files that are to be automatically synced up between devices.

File sharing
If you need to quickly share content with someone that does not use Nutstore, you can share URL link with open access to them. You can also set up access rights to shared folders: can read, can write, read & write, and can preview.

Historical Versions
Nutstore supports historical versions of files. You can view logs of historical versions and choose one specific version to download and recover. For Microsoft Office files, version comparison is supported, which highlights the difference between versions.

Historical Versions

Now, Nutstore provides Enterprise File Syncing & Sharing service for users over 70 countries and 5 continents. Although it takes time to get to know a market as large and complex as China, with Nutstore, you will find an easier way to impress your Chinese business partners and get your deal done.

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