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Change is difficult for both individual and organisation.

For an individual, it is a biological instinct to draw on advantages and avoid disadvantages. The instinct gives us strong survivability, but in the meantime, it also makes us averse risks and uncertainties. Thus, we develop habits, and our behaviour is locked — We obtain immunity to change.

For an organisation, it is even more difficult to change. In my opinion, there are two challenges involved: 1. Difficult to recognise the need to change. 2. Difficult to implement changes.

Difficult to recognise the need to change.

Similar to an individual’s habit, an organisation also develops the habit from its…

Over the past few years, I’ve been conducting user research to understand users. Although each project targeted different users, they share some patterns that can be summarised into 4 traits.

1. Individuality

Not only does the distinction of users exist between personas, but every user is distinct in light of unique character, perception, behaviour and need. Therefore, although modelling users by creating personas and customer journey maps helps to efficiently consolidate and align the understanding about the users, it’s still important to emphasise that your personas ≠ your users, your user journey maps ≠ your users’ interactions.

2. Contextuality

Without context, “user” is just…

Users are not the centre of design. It might make you feel like going back to 90s when there’s no such a thing called user experience. You didn’t get it wrong. Users are crucial for design, but they are not THE most important, at least not THE only important part.

Let me begin with the role of a firm. Why does a firm exist? In 1937, Ronald Coase wrote an essay “The Nature of the Firm”, which was awarded him the Nobel prize for economics. In that essay, Coase explained that firms exist because they reduce the transaction costs that…

Certainty and uncertainty are both important and we need to be able to balance them well — Certainty is the foundation of trust, you need to create certainty for other people. Uncertainty is the foundation of growth, you need to embrace uncertainty for yourself.

Create certainty to build trust

In UX design, people talk about intuitive design all the time. Do you often hear that “I don’t know why, but I just feel it’s not intuitive…”. But what does “intuitive” exactly mean? My interpretation is to create certainty for users.

Certainty is the foundation of trust

People always prefer certainty and dislike uncertainty.

In 1986, Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman introduced…

I read an article recently that brought back my memories of mobile phones that people used ten years ago. Unlike the whole industry in today which is dominated by the iPhone and all the phones are similar, there were so many different kinds of phones in the market before 2008. Slab, flip, slider, etc. Not only was the appearance ever-changing, but also the product positioning was various from game phones, multimedia phones, fashion phones, etc.

Although some might complain that Apple keeps raising the price but lacks innovation, the iPhone is still king of the smartphones. I certainly wouldn’t attribute…

I love Dropbox Paper. It’s such an excellent tool for writing and collaboration.

In this post, let me share my experience of setting up personal blogging with Dropbox Paper.

Why Dropbox Paper

When it comes to a blog, I have these needs:

  • Easy to record ideas and update post. No matter on the train, at home, or in the office, I keep coming up with ideas all the time. I need an easy way to record these fragile ideas. After the blog gets posted, I need an easy way to keep reviewing and updating it.
  • Easy to share. Reading, writing and sharing, that’s…

最近不小心看到一个微博,怀念十多年前各式各样的手机。相比于现如今 iPhone 的一统江湖,当年手机届那可谓百花齐放:直板、翻盖、滑盖,不仅外观千变万化,颜色也是五彩缤纷。虽然评论区的网民都在抱怨苹果只会涨价而创新乏力,但没有人会质疑苹果仍是手机界一哥的地位。

我当然不会把 iPhone 的成功仅仅归因于其简单的设计。但是,相比于其他厂商,苹果的一个伟大之处就在于它简单到极致的产品理念:其实你并不需要在那么多机型中挑花眼,也不需要专门花时间去学习才能上手操作。



  1. 简单的产品能帮用户高效地达成目的。

生活中使用的产品,绝大多数都是用来帮助用户达到明确的目的,比如微波炉用来加热食物,笔用来写字。产品简单,能帮助用户节省时间和 …

当客户想要改版一个已经上线一段时间的产品时,除了有些新的业务需求,很多时候会告诉我们的是这个网站太过时了,希望能让他看起来“现代”一点。而用户怎么使用这个产品,碰到了哪些问题,能不能很好地支持现有业务,这些关 …

Welcome to my little corner of the world. As it is the first post, I’d like to introduce a little about this blog.

“90S0E”, it has nothing to do with my generation, nor does it mean any song or band names. Originally, the idea is to use the geographic coordinates of the South Pole. But unfortunately, I can’t register the domain name “90s”, that’s why I added it to “90S0E”. It’s not a big deal if you think different :)

Why the South Pole? It’s so mysterious that keeps attracting people to explore. Unlike the North Pole, it’s surrounded by…

Jieyun Yang

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