No wonder the young are supporting unapologetic socialists— they’re fucked

I’m an American, so not up on the British history, but I think ours is very similar. We came from a background where our government was extremely limited and simply NOT it’s job to take care of people. WE were supposed to take care of each other, voluntarily.

That has changed, mostly starting with the New Deal in the 30s and continuing after WWII and greatly increasing in the 60s with Medicare, Medicaid and many other social programs.

All these programs are bankrupting our country. We are now over $19 TRILLION in debt! There is NO WAY we will EVER be able to pay that! Just not possible!

So, we have a debt we can’t possibly pay, that will sooner or later bring down the country (and very possibly the entire world’s economic system). Bernie Sanders (and Hillary) and every other socialist, wants to add even MORE unsupportable debt onto the pile, that will only bring on the collapse even sooner.

I am 54. I don’t expect to ever see a dime of the 15% of my wages I’ve contributed over the last 40+ years. They’ve already moved the age back 2 1/2 yrs and they’ll move it back some more before I get to be 67 1/2. How do I know that? Because it’s STILL BROKE!

I totally agree with your article that the young are fucked. YES, they ARE! So are most of the rest of us! The solution is not socialism. I can’t see how people can talk about morality and socialism in the same breath. EVERYTHING ANY government has to give away FIRST has to be STOLEN from someone who EARNED it! That is nothing but THEFT and is NEVER moral or right!

Socialism (in any degree) only promotes political infighting and arguments over who’s going to get what. There is NEVER real equality, like they promise. People are not equal! People eventually get sick and tired of working hard and watching others NOT work hard and yet wind up with the same stuff!

The solution to the fuckery is NOT socialism! It is a REAL, FREE MARKET economy!! And no, we do NOT have that in the USA. What we have (and have had for quite a while) is what is usually called CORPORATISM, or crony capitalism, or even fascism. It is in NO WAY a free market!

Our system depends on lobbyists getting special favors from the lawmakers to give them special favors to hurt their competition. We have so many rules and regulations created for those reasons that it’s almost impossible to start a new business now. I’ve heard something like 90% of all new businesses fail withing their first year.

We need a TRUE free market, that will allow businesses to start and grow as they benefit their customers and then they will create jobs. We need to stop the government from interfering with wages and prices and ALL the other things they do to try to regulate the markets. This should already be known to be impossible for them to do! There is just NO WAY that anyone could have the knowledge to do it right. THAT is exactly why the free market works and nothing else comes close.

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