Stories of my friends: Kate

If past lives are a thing, then Kate Hall was probably a hummingbird. She, more than anyone I know, has the hardest time being still.

Which is good for her — she accomplishes a lot. When she lived with me, she did more before 7 a.m. than I do all day.

Kate wears a lot of hats, it’s true. She’s a lawyer, analyst, soon-to-be-internet-famous potter, cyclist, home-owner, gardener, dog-sitter, camper, hiker, swimmer, sister and daughter.

But when I need a hug or some lasagna I didn’t know I needed until it arrived or just someone to talk to for a few minutes, Kate is a friend. She is able to leave her other roles behind and focus on the person sitting across from her.

She came into my life at a weird time, and I will always be grateful for the patience she showed me when I was trying to rebuild. I wasn’t always the nicest roommate, and I know that. But she never let my frustrations and anger get the best of her. I appreciate that so much, and I should tell her that.

Now, we have relaxed into an easy friendship, although we don’t see each other that often. She is busy with her rambling, crazy house — and two, soon to be three roommates! — and I am trying to spend more time alone.

I am looking forward to watching the next phase of her life unfold. I predict good things, but I bet she will surprise everyone, too. It seems like she’s about to fly. All over the place, probably. Like a damn hummingbird.

But first, let’s get some words from Kate herself.

Me: So, what’s the next right thing for you?

Kate: The next right thing is always finding my next right thing. Or just noticing when it comes along and being smart and open enough to recognize whatever it is for what it might be and let it unfold. Or, realistically, help it unfold… as you know, patience is not a strong point for me.

For right now, I think the next right thing looks like figuring out how I can contribute to my community, and deciding about how I can spend my time meaningfully. And painting the rest of the rooms in my house. There are at least 4 more.

I think this summer is going to be about learning how to manage my new garden — apparently there are going to be about 300 pounds of figs — biking, camping, bike-packing, and maybe a triathlon. (“Don’t quote me on the tri, Keith Kueny — I said maybe”).

Also relaxing. I might get a dog.

Me: How is living in a commune?

Kate: My vision for the house was an even split between peaceful quiet and being filled with laughter and I think that’s happening. I’m really happy about it. Also, I think I just found a band to play at the housewarming party this summer. (As for the “commune” as envisioned by the trivia team, I’m loving Michael’s dedication to the samba music whenever he comes over but that’s about the extent that particular dream has been realized.)

Me: What one or two events/people have had the greatest impact on your life?

Probably (1) growing up with a really amazing, supportive, close-knit family and (2) going to law school.

Me: What lessons have you learned in the past 6 months?

Since October, I turned 30, changed jobs and moved. (I very much appreciate living in your house! xo) I relearned that life can change dramatically, quickly. I learned that people will usually tell you who they really are outright, and it’s always worth listening to that. I keep learning that I have a lot of really amazing people in my life. I learned that birthday resolutions are definitely a thing.

Me: Cool. Good answer. So, are you internet famous yet?

Kate: For as much as I don’t love social media, I do love how Instagram is letting me get more serious about pottery. I just got a tripod for videos

Me: How do you feel about socks?

Kate: Functionality, always. The right sock for the right activity, never with sandals.

Me: Say something nice about yourself.

I try really hard to be kind, generous, and positive.