Figures on Tombs

Figures on Tombs

We sleep side by side

Like figures on tombs.

What is this?

Why do we go on?

We are wasting our time.

Our life is one of strangers.

As if we’re roommates

Who just reside together

You don’t really know me

There is no “Us”.

The sad part is

There was never an “Us”

You desperately wanted

A wife


It’s been ten years

And you’re a man of no secrets.

I am a woman of one.

I yearn to be with him,

But God has answered a prayer

You see.

When he walked up those stairs

I knew he was gone to me forever.

But my being your friend

Is not enough.

We foolishly thought it would,

But I’m confining you

To a world of waiting,

And every night

I pretend to be asleep

So we don’t have to have

The conversation.

The conversation of what’s to be.

I’m content right now

To be as if we’re

Figures on tombs.

© Jill M Roberts All rights reserved

Originally published at on May 16, 2015.

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