Millions of children suffer the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. Millions of families struggle to show support to their children while prioritizing education. And as they weigh the impossible choice of medicating their young child, or even whether to accept the diagnosis at all, many families feel that there must be a better way.

For decades, ADHD diagnoses have forced concerned parents into a tight, painful corner. The lack of focus, poor memory, and impulsive, irritable behavior which characterize ADHD can seriously stunt development, damaging any child’s chances of growing up happy, healthy, and well-equipped for life…

Does your child suffer from distressing allergies? Seasonal or environmental allergies are quite common in our youngsters, but they shouldn’t be! No one should have to live life constantly sniffling, sneezing, or itching. If your child is fighting allergies and nothing seems to be working, there’s one crucial cause you need to investigate.

Far more damaging than needing a constant supply of tissues are the hidden, insidious symptoms. Have you ever noticed that the worse your child’s allergies are, they worse their behavior becomes? That’s no coincidence. Irritability and even depression are actually symptoms of allergies, just like a rash…

Happy Children’s Dental Health Month! February is especially close to my heart, because nothing gives me more satisfaction in my job as improving the life of a child. When it comes to children’s health, we tend to talk about establishing good toothbrushing habits, learning to floss, and drinking fluoride-enriched tap water. These are crucially important lessons for our little ones, but we often forget that dental health goes much deeper than just establishing good hygiene. Proper care early in life can have a huge impact on the rest of a child’s life.

So, in honor of Children’s Dental Health Month…

This Hidden Epidemic Could Be Responsible for Poor Math Scores

How did you parent-teacher conference go this year? Our children all have different strengths and talents, but no one knows your child better than you. So while it’s normal for kids to vary in their performance at school, sometimes your child’s poor scores just don’t sit quite right with you. If it seems like there’s something else affecting your child, you might be right.

As a parent, it’s important to listen to that little voice so we can make sure that our children have all the fundamental building blocks that they need to set them up for success. …

Jill Ombrello

Dr. Jill Ombrello is a 4th generation dentist whose practice Dallas, TX provides comprehensive and esthetic dental care to families.

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