The Era of Social Media

Let’s face it, today’s confrontation has become much less confrontational with the use of modern technology. Issues are now commonly addressed by picking up a smartphone. Growing up, for most of us, preserving the emotional comfort of others has been instilled in us. Typing out a text, sending an email, taking a snapchat, or posting a tweet is much easier when it comes to saying the hard things versus the alternative.

We can’t deny that the comfort barrier technology allows us to have makes the awkward conversations a little less awkward. Making conversation easier isn’t the only thing social media provides us; it also makes communication far more available. If someone wants to get ah old of you, they most likely can. On the same token if things get too heated, it is much easier to walk out of a technological kitchen than a real one.

Even big businesses these days have to hop on the social media train in order to compete. Getting information on their customers in “real time” has become an essential core aspect in order to survive. Some oppose social media really because it does not align with their personal agenda, but the fact that we are one power system failure or hack away from becoming completely screwed is where the naysayers start to sound pretty rational. We have a lot on the line with social media it has made our communication bigger better and far more creative than it has ever been. Time will tell if it is here to stay, and if it is not I am excited to see what we come up with next.