The Top Ten Signs Your Writing Career is Circling the Drain

How is your writing career doing? It can be difficult to tell. What are the benchmarks of a successful career for a writer? Whom should we compare ourselves to? What should we expect?

I am here to help. As a long-time struggling writer, editor, writing teacher and coach, I have come up with a quick list to help you test the health of your career. Here they are: The Top 10 Signs Your Writing Career is Circling the Drain.

# 10. Your bar tab is bigger than your last royalty payment.

# 9. Your editor just sent you an ad for culinary school.

# 8. Oprah’s people called — to demand that you “cease and desist” from sending her copies of your novel.

# 7. Your latest gig: fortune cookies.

# 6. Your agent wants to borrow $100 for rent.

# 5. Your publishing company is the subject of a hostile take-over by Big Larry’s Plumbing Service.

# 4. Walmart has a special: Your book free with every purchase of beef jerky.

# 3. The only people at your last reading were two college students who thought it was a reading from Fifty Shades of Grey.

# 2. Publishers Weekly praises your latest book for its “deeply moving and profoundly powerful font.”

And the # 1 sign your writing career is circling the drain: Your Amazon sales rank has more digits than the distance to Pluto.

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