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Exams…need I say more? The truth is, many students go through their school years not studying effectively. We may not be taking full advantage of the resources that are at our disposal, either because we don’t know they exist or we don’t know how to use them.

In light of these issues, I introduce you to Quizlet. Quizlet is an online resource that allows you to input the information while Quizlet generates the study tools for you. What’s great about this is the fact that you learn your information as you input it and you continue to learn it when utilizing the studying tools that are generated.

The main page of Quizlet

Once you access the website, you can either login or create and account to start studying. To begin, you must create a set. This set can be any category you want it to be- organized based on subject or even sub categorized from within a subject. You can customize if you would like to make it public or only editable by you. Similar to google drive in that sense.

Creating a new study set

Next you input the information into the set that you want generated into the study tool.

Inputing the information into Quizlet

Once you have entered this information click Create!

Once you have created the set, this is what will appear (image above). You have the option to add or remove terms whenever you like-so you aren’t stuck with what you originally created.

As you can see, at the top of the set you have the option to either ‘study’ or ‘play’ with the terms created. You can study through flashcards, tests, learning the terms or spelling. A variety for every type of learner. You can also play through Quizlet’s matching game or the gravity game.

From personal experience, it is better to study your terms and after you are more comfortable then play the study games. The games are faster paced and are better once you have become more familiar with the content.

Click on the following link to access my EID100 study set of a few key terms!

Now you should ace that exam!

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