Belles-Lettres, According to Me

Only the writing I came here to practice

When you participate in the Medium community by commenting on other writer’s pieces, Medium thinks those belong in your list of stories too. But most people think they’re just list-clutter. So here is my real writing to date.

26 Years

A celebration.


An Acrostic.

Each Pass of the Middle Path

Prompt on ‘Chalkboard’ by Indira Reddy to write a one-line poem on “peace.”

Freewheel Spirit

OK Freewheel is an annual cross-state, week-long bicycle ride that takes place in June each year in Oklahoma. It begins in Texas and usually ends in Kansas.

Dad’s Ending

Reminders that we are exactly who we are, and the Universe will have its way


A Baby in Distress, or my need to rescue and interrupt Nature’s plans

Remember Meditation

Made with nuggets from the path, pieces of readings, 25-years with like-minded seekers, and more than a few hard lessons.

Funny Humans Being Human

Our story of a “Hamilton” Drama

Hopefully, Tulsa

I’m optimistic because this city is poised on the precipice of an historic resurgence of inclusiveness.

Remember Love

Because that’s all there is

Whatever Became of Our Best Us?

Where love was the context of life?

Travel Envy, Part 1

A conversation with myself (as has been known to happen)

Travel Envy, Part 2

A one-sentence riff in which Jim talks himself around the corner in a convincing way (at least until we pass this way again because, as we know, we see balance every time we swing past it on the pendulum)

Thumb Dance

When my writing group friends went a little silly texting yesterday…

Esteemed and Esteemable

(losing my villanelle virginity)

I love you like the rain

A prompt on Poetry After Dark

I still love you like the rain.

This prompt inspired my overachiever to have fun with some variations.

Spare Me My Writer

My Writer unbridled, once muzzled in pedantic control, brought out only for letters, reports, and instructive commentary; now unleashed to…


October predawn moon shimmers above the mystical high-desert landscape; an ancient trail recedes into frosty alpine forest, disguising a…

Can You Hear Me? Will it Matter?

Let’s be clear, if you openly react negatively when you hear, Black Lives Matter, you perpetuate racism.

Better Boys Just Know

All the 5th grade boys were bigger, stronger and knew more about the nuances of baseball than me. Maybe that’s true and maybe not, but that…

Compelling Openings

When my writing group used borrowed lines for prompts…

Learning to be Yours

I’m not the me I want to be when seeing you as part of me to shape and direct to suit my view of how you should be, to be your best you…

Walls of Bravado

They met day and night in a shabby retail space of a once prosperous midtown mall. I’ve since come to know it was just one of thousands of…


She and I together quietly. Newspaper coffee dogs spring sounds leaves splattering morning sun. Cardinals call love across the forest…


Deeply darkly middle of night when the flickering synapses begin firing alight to shake awake a forewarning ire or fear I know too soon…


Rumbling across vast farmlands, a train heads for the next rural American town awaiting the arrival of the circus. Civic pride mows the…

Random Three-Liners



(Or a little 10th step work, if you know what I mean)

And these, my friends, are my stories since I began on Medium, which happens to roughly coincide with beginning to explore my writing with intention and a desire to be better. If you want to lurk in the weeds of comments I’ve offered on other’s works, go back to my Profile and scroll at your leisure.