It is a great question!
H. Nemesis Nyx

Penetration — I get it.

Destructive — not so much but I see your angle.

Both of those thoughts are your mind conjuring, so of course they’re valid, as if I were in a position to judge the validity of your thoughts!

But you asking me what I think made me have to think about why I responded at all. I didn’t come up with much except I know I get a visceral reaction I can only call rebellion when I think I spot gender bias, whether my spotter is right or wrong. Believe me that reaction usually shoots from the hip rather than being thoroughly reasoned, and it isn’t always rational.

So, I think my first thought was simply gut level: it has balls, therefore it’s male, why would it be male or female? Why not say “ass”?

My second reaction, and the one that came out in my comment, was defensive. Why do we have to cast the villain as a male character? Just as you might ask why would we cast the submissive one as a female. Both are stereotypes, which, as I try to grow more enlightened, I try to avoid.

I guess there’s also a bit of the idea that cancer can be thought of as a “higher power” in the sense it descends upon us, rendering us powerless. For me, “higher power” has no gender. So, there’s that.

Anyway, that’s not very nuanced and, with this, like so much else, the learning and growth comes from seeing the infinite variety rather than the black and white extremes.

Civil? I hope.