Slightly viral.

[Update on the below. The Liquid Riot Ice Ball Video has topped 1M views. This is the first time a Maine based restaurant, bar or distillery has seen anything like this, pretty exciting.]

From April 13:
What qualifies as a viral video and to qualify, who decides what metrics need to met? Tell me it’s not Guy Kawasaki, he’s everywhere and it’s kind of getting annoying.

I posted a short video this week to a client Facebook page and it has quickly hit almost 70K views. In the grand scheme that’s not much, but it’s meaningful. Meaningful means I learned a great deal from the experience and customers are buzzing. I’ve jokingly told some friends that the video went slightly viral.

The most interesting thing about the experience is how one small video instantly triggered excitement and pride for my client and his team. Also how it immediately stirred up more creative content ideas.

Pure gold and here’s the video, in case you were curious- Cheers.

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