The bartender artist formerly known as Gary Regan

Eight years ago “Gaz” Regan @gazregan traveled to Portland, Maine, to join in a food and drink event I’d co-created, called Harvest on the Harbor. His friend and mine, legendary bartender John Myers, asked him to travel up to Portland to lead the cocktail session we’d designed around Gaz’s book, “The Joy of Mixology.”

At the event, Gaz and John worked magic in front of a crowd of fun-loving people. The experience also opened my eyes to learning more about spirits, cocktails and bartending. I’d stumbled on classic cocktails and mixology’s tradition two decades ago, but Gaz and John’s Joy of Mixology is when my “spirits quest” started. Since then I’ve made it a goal to find and share tips about drinks, spirits and mindful bartenders, like Gaz and Jonn.

If you’re just starting your cocktail journey, I invite you to use the list below. Of course I invite everyone to use this list and to contribute to it. I’m positive these resources will help you. Also they’ll absolutely lead you to people and places that’ll make you smile.

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