The face of darkness

We proudly deride the evil in one man but barely speak above a whisper about the devil behind our own actions and judgments.’

Studying volcanoes is an interesting science, and fundamental to volcanology is the implicit knowledge of global magma currents which lie far beneath the surface of the entire earth. For most people who witness the eruption of a volcano, they tend to think of it as an isolated phenomenon far removed from the remainder of the earth’s surface.

However, beneath even the steadiest ground, where never has a volcano been recorded, lies the same molten earth that spews forth from a distant geophysical event. In a similar way is the darkness of evil embedded in the human body.

Innumerable animal studies have shown that any animal can be rendered hostile, psychologically twisted and malevolent. It all depends on experiences and the cognitive interpretation of those experiences.

Every human has the potential to become a Hitler or a Ghandi, an Isle Koch or Joan of Arc. Quit looking at the bad in someone else. If there is anything bad, it is only found in the mirror.