What the Hell Is ‘Team Culture’ and Why Is It so Important?
Alana Brajdic

Lots of important points here. Great post! I especially love that you mentioned cultural fit not being to hire people just like yourself. One of the most powerful lessons for me when I became a people manager was the notion that diversity is about more than gender, race or religion… its also about the way people think, and the kinds of work that they’re passionate about. Teams with that kind of diversity have a strength and culture a more homogeneous team lacks. That diversity promotes empathy too.

One way my team has been promoting positive culture is through use of a social contract. Of course, that requires a democratic team that is able to self govern, but that’s part of the environment we hope to create.

Culture can be very interesting with global teams too, since folks in different parts of the world often have their own ways of working. Since my team works on some really large projects with people around the world, that’s another part of the cultural dynamic for us.

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