US Soccer’s Problems Reach Farther Than Klinsmann
Juan Arango

Great piece, the rot of US Soccer is at the head, unfortunately it is felt at the feet. No clear direction, policy, or more importantly a clear plan to modernize the youth programs of this country are in place. Every club at the youth level is a fiefdom, every coach is either a highly credentialed and inflexible dominant or a dad just trying to get by. There are few places to go where the kids learn to play, before they learn to win. Joga SC is a good example, where Kephern Fuller toils, but that is only one. How do we replicate? If we continue down this path it will make no difference who the coach of the USMNT is, they will still have players who have no clue how to beat a MExican team that can adapt on the fly to a shift in formation. Soccer IQ starts at home, but needs to be honed in the streets, and perfected on the field. We do not do that.

Jim Hart, your friend and fan.