IHow to Inspire People with Empowered Living Ministries’ Jim Hohnberger

Jim Hohnberger
Dec 23, 2019 · 3 min read

As the founder of Empowered Living Ministries, Jim Hohnberger spends much of his time inspiring others. While inspiring others can come more naturally for some, it always takes practice to hone skills and be the greatest inspiration possible. Here is Jim’s guide for inspiring others.

Model Desired Behavior

Good leaders and coaches don’t just speak it, they live it. In fact, they understand that their actions will send a stronger message than their words. As such, those that inspire others often speak less and behave in the manner that they seek in others. Living a life under the tenets of Christianity is how Jim Hohnberger models ideal behavior in his everyday life.

Practice Emotional Intelligence

No one is fully rational. That’s because emotions are a critical component to humanity’s ability to intuit, nourish, and innovate. Not only that, but God carefully crafted human emotion. As a result, good leaders do not bristle in the face of human emotion. They instead seek to understand emotions within themselves and others.

When the time comes for a leader to require that toxic individuals regulate their emotions, those leaders will have built trust in others. The ability of leaders to be emotionally intelligent and proactive instantly inspires people.

Mentor Rather Than Micromanage

There are many situations where leaders must hand-hold a peer or subordinate. But instead of micromanaging, the leader should mentor that individual. It’s not just about the technical skills required to complete a task, it is about the growth that is taking place. One example of this model of mentoring is through Jesus Christ as he mentored his disciples in the word of God and showed them how to live an ideal life.

Trust the Mentoring Process and the Mentee

Once a leader has mentored someone, they must be allowed to go out and learn on their own and make their own mistakes, according to Jim Hohnberger. The time for micromanaging is past and you must trust that you have provided the person with the tools necessary to accomplish great things and become an inspiring leader themselves.

Be Transparent

Inspiration goes hand-in-hand with honesty. It is not necessary that leaders share everything, but the opposite of inspiring others is to hold information close to the chest in order to dominate others. Good leaders inspire others by being appropriately transparent.

Make Collaboration the Norm

Good communication is difficult to learn. However, it is the fastest way to build trust and understanding with others. Strong leaders leverage good communication to build a culture of collaboration.

Collaboration is always a fair, two-way street of communication and problem solving. Every voice must feel safe to share, and every voice should be validated (validating another person’s point of view is not the same as agreeing with their conclusions). People tend to get lost in their own perspective, and it must be widened significantly before they can inspire others. Jim Hohnberger states that collaboration hurts no one and all it does is improve the potential quality of the work.

Jim Hohnberger concludes that being an inspirational person is not an easy task but it is something that everyone should strive towards as they will not only improve other people but they will also improve themselves.

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