Political Podcasts: Listener Beware (Addiction Lurks)

Full disclosure, I know I have a problem.

In addition to streaming WNPR’s ‘’The Wheelhouse,’’ I listen to as many political podcasts as I can and right now it’s no less than thirteen on a weekly basis. I’ve only had this illness for a few months and I suspect (and really hope) that after November 8th I’ll be able to resume a normal life…but this may be an antidote resistant addiction.

These are in order, roughly, of the podcasts I most anticipate each week:

  1. Slate Political Gabfest
  2. Keepin it 1600
  3. Axe Files with David Axelrod (this is usually more than one episode a week)
  4. FiveThirtyEight Elections
  5. Vox’s The Weeds
  6. KCRW Left, Right & Center
  7. On the Media
  8. FPs The Editor’s Roundtable
  9. Radio Free GOP with Mike Murphy
  10. Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie
  11. Politically Re-Active
  12. Primary Concerns
  13. NPR Politics Podcast

Respond with a few of your favorites. Extra credit for podcasts not on my list.