Enriching Seniors’ Lives

Every time I visit the Cranston Senior Enrichment Center, the enthusiasm emanating from the seniors is contagious. On this stop by the Cranston Street facility, I was greeted by friendly staff, had the chance to admire fantastic art work lining the hallways, and saw couples taking ballroom dancing lessons. Wow, do they have talent! The variety of services provided not only creates avenues to remain active, healthy and independent, but also helps better seniors’ quality of life. Through learning new skills on the computer, exploring painting, and taking ballroom dancing, this center truly helps people develop a deeper connection to the community.

I was happy to meet with seniors at the Center to discuss issues facing them. I know from experience that Social Security and Medicare tend to be popular topics, so I invited representatives from the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to join us. While aging is inevitable, we can ease the challenges associated with getting older if we prepare for the future and establish a support system to help us along the way. That is why, throughout my time in Congress, I have been committed to helping seniors as much as I can to ensure they receive the benefits they deserve.

This center is a valued community resource, and I’m looking forward to visiting again soon!