Memorial in the Making

Pleased to join Brigadier General Matthew Dzialo at the Air Force Veterans Memorial Groundbreaking

There are over 30 monuments dedicated to past and present veterans of services and conflicts at the Rhode Island Veterans Memorial Cemetery, but a monument dedicated to the Air Force was not among them — until recently.

I was pleased to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Air Force Veterans Memorial with Brigadier General Matthew Dzialo, Commander Leo Fox, Vice Commander Robert Dalton, RI Veterans Memorial Cemetery Director Cara Condit and my colleagues in the federal delegation on a beautiful June day. The memorial will serve as a place to honor our men and women in uniform, especially those who have borne the battle and paid the ultimate price for our freedom and prosperity.

The Sampson Air Force Base Veterans Association has worked tirelessly to ensure that the accomplishments of our Air Force are never forgotten, and I commend them for their advocacy for this memorial. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their work that will soon result in a stunning memorial to our Air Force veterans in Rhode Island.

The United States has led the world in airpower since humankind first began flying in combat, and we have dominated battlefields across the globe. The Air Force has faced sophisticated and sometimes deadly air defense systems from our adversaries, but each and every time, they have prevailed.

An eternally grateful nation grieves with the families and friends of those Airmen we have lost. We thank our veterans and current service members for their continued vigilance and patriotism.

This memorial will serve as a place to both honor and mourn our brothers- and sisters-in-arms, and to celebrate the contributions of the United States Air Force. I can’t wait to see the final monument, a testament to the Air Force motto: “Aim High… Fly-Fight-Win.”