Bonvera and Extroda Work Together

WOW! With the exciting launch of Extroda and the pre launch of Bonvera, the social media world is buzzing! This past weekend in Toledo Ohio and Tampa Florida were the two locations that kicked off the vision. Bonvera set to launch in mid February has set the stage making online shopping rewarding. Shop, Save, Share, is the Bonvera tag line. We understand that everyone shops, everyone loves to save, and if you can do both in one place, YOU will Share it! Bonvera has placed a compensation plan on and around the everyday consumables you buy along with stores you already shop at. Starting with the tier one products, Phyzix offers a tropical and acai energy supplement drink, next they formulated two flavors of meal replacement protein bars, milk chocolate and french vanilla greek yogurt & peanut butter. These will only be offered through Bonvera. Next Bonvera will have tier two line of products, offering food and beverage you are used to seeing in the store, to your everyday household necessities from the brands you know, use, and trust. The third tier of products will be partner and affiliate stores. Never done before, stores are partnering with Bonvera to make them as competitive with price and BV (bonus volume) as their tier two line of products. The vision Bonvera has is to keep expanding all three tiers to create large selection, and to drive competition between manufactures and stores, in return that will give the loyal customers of Bonvera coming back daily to do their shopping. This will be the compensated marketplace.

Bonvera has trade marked the term Compensated Marketplace, what this means is if you want to build a community of customers and affiliates, you can earn commissions. With the explosion of shoppers headed towards the internet to do commerce, Bonvera has lined themselves with a large selection of goods and services, and the convenience of shopping from anywhere, they turned around and will pay you for your performance of driving the marketplace to them. This is where Extroda comes in. Extroda is a training system for you to learn from and leverage. With over six hundred years of experience from the crew that put Extroda together,they know what you need to build a solid community that is duplicatable. When I got started in community building, my people skills needed improving to say the least. I didn’t want to speak in front of people that I did not know. The reason for it was, I didn’t know what to say! After listening to audio’s, those audio’s brought my knowledge of what I was doing up, and gave me the belief and confidence to where I can talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Leveraging the same audio’s to my teammates by having a site like Extroda, every person in Bonvera can subscribe to the training system so they can learn throughout any day and anytime. In return this freed up my time of trying teach everyone what to do and say, and allows me to spend time doing what I love. Without a system to leverage you will have to be the magic, really what that means is, you will have to do all the training, fielding of questions, and sharing the idea and if you have a full-time job, that’s next to impossible and will lead to burn out. Extroda doesn’t just have audio’s for you to leverage, they also have a system of duplication which allows you to expand outside of your city or state by running a nationwide intro meeting circuit. Intro meetings are where you can bring/send your friends to see the Bonvera marketing plan from a professional utilizing a power point prezi. This is the same prezi shown across the country typically on Tuesday nights but also are ran on Wednesday and Thursday’s in certain locations, the entire schedule is available for you to view once you are logged into Extroda. Next Extroda runs a seminar on the second Saturday of each month for 2016. These started this month, January, with four locations, already due to the growth February will be running eight locations! I know what your thinking, not a seminar! I hate seminars! That is exactly what I had said 14 years ago until I attended my first one. Now today because I understand the power of what you will get out of our seminars, I would not miss them for the world. These will continue to grow in locations monthly which is good news for you, the more locations around the country allows you to educate, train, and motivate your compensated marketplace while your attending one location in your state, you could have hundreds if not thousands of people learning and gaining belief in themselves to create a piece of marketshare all the while your not there, but your system is working for you. Again what is in this Extroda system for you to, gain your time back, helps you not hold your team back by not being everywhere at once but the system is, leverage, leverage, leverage! Once you grip a hold of this system and promote it to your business affiliates, your team can grow organically and sustain growth because of a pure system that works.

I hope I gave some perspective and tied a vision of how Extroda can help you grow your Bonvera Business strong and lasting around the country now and soon around the world.

Shop, Save, Share #BonveraRocks

Jim Martin

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