“Human connection and intimacy, not material possessions, are the foundation for happiness in this life.”

I was sitting in the emergency room with my 2-year-old boy when I heard the words: “Your son has Leukemia.” Over the next nine months, my son Graham, would fight for his life, undergoing four phases of intense chemotherapy. As the severity and frequency of his treatments lessened once he made it to the maintenance phase, his frail, discolored body, beat up by the effects of chemo, slowly began the healing process. The moment his hair grew back, his feeding tube was removed, and he started looking and acting like a normal kid again, I once again found myself sitting…

It was the last conversation I ever had with my father. Little did I know, that very next day he would tragically die in a plane crash. I would find out in the days to come I was the last one in my family to speak to him. That conversation and those words will forever echo in my mind.

Growing up, I wasn’t somebody who often asked my father for advice. My life experiences and independent spirit had taught me the opposite. As a teenager I connected with the words of a poem by Robert Frost:

Two roads diverged in…

Jim Morrison

Keynote Speaker, Writer, Consultant, CEO of Majella Assisted Living, Husband, Father. Speaks from the heart about navigating and overcoming life’s challenges

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