🌈 No Worries, Whatever the Weather 🌈

Are grey skies always bad? And should rain always make you sad?

Clearly not. The weather may seem to correlate with your mood. A weather forecast can feel like it has the power to dictate the day ahead. Especially, if you live somewhere like England. However, fun can be had under a rain shower and a bath of sunshine.

I was captivated by Josh Waitzkin’s story on the Tim Ferriss podcast (At 40:55 minutes). Josh noticed most parents label weather as either good or bad. Specifically, rain is bad. With negative connotations such as ‘no play’ or ‘we can’t go out today’. He decided to make sure that whenever the weather turned grey, he would take his young son out to play. Whilst a thunderstorm, would be a cause for a party!

His son now views a rainy day as ‘a beautiful thing’. And in the process is developing a strong internal locus of control (i.e. he is not reliant on external conditions, to have a good time). How cool.

Alfie knows just what to do!

Even as an adult, I find myself slipping out of this thinking. Winter is upon us. The clocks go back soon, meaning more darkness. The temptation is to immediately label this bad. Whereas summer was all good of course. With bountiful sunshine. Again, if you live in England, you know it’s not that black and white.

Although it may appear irritating when you leave for (and return from) work in the dark, there is still beauty there. Life in cold, even icy waters. Unless you live somewhere like Winterfell (Game of Thrones) or Iceland (real country), there will be enough light to go around. SAD is a thing but it can also be an excuse. You could take a stroll on your lunch break, even if it’s with brolly in tow. Wrap up warm and go for a hot cocoa or mulled wine, at an outdoor market. A football match in the mud, is a special occasion. We simply have to get out of the way of our conditioned prejudice.

Why not stay chilled, physically and emotionally, as the cold nights come?

You may say this is all fair enough but what about when I go on holiday. Many book a trip to places like Spain, Greece and Italy for ‘guaranteed’ sunshine. Others opt for a staycation, for some bizarre reason, trusting that the British isles will play ball. Often they do not. Say you’ve booked a holiday to Devon, it’s your only full week off, and the forecast says rain ALL week… I’d be disappointed too.

But maybe you can still have a good time? A bit more creativity required. A bit more spontaneity. You get through it and the kids seem to have more fun than ever. Suddenly you realise, so you can too. As if by magic, the sun then decides to put its hat on. You head straight for the beach, to make sand castles.

There’s also the undeniable power of nature. You can’t control it. Worry about it, won’t change it. Plus, we all love a bit of thunder and lightning (as long as no one gets hurt). The sound of the rain, like a free concert.The key it seems is respecting and accepting, all kinds of weather. A bit like with our thinking. Although it may get cloudy, windy or even downright miserable sometimes. There is always blue sky, waiting in the wings. You don’t need to worry. Even when you can’t see it.

As I write this, the forecast for the week looks pretty gloomy. Does that mean I have to be too?

Nope. Life is too short.

There’s really no need, to worry about the weather.