RallyCross Pictures for SCCA Regions

Sharing the club’s most photogenic sport

Let’s say you want to promote SCCA RallyCross, announce an upcoming event, or create an informational page for your region’s web site. You need action shots: cars kicking up dust, mud, and snow.

Some regions have been pretty savvy with using pictures (and video) to promote their events. Others, not so much.

If you lack pictures that you have permission to use, I’m here to help. I put together some of my RallyCross pictures from around Midwest Division, and I’m letting SCCA volunteers use them in a non-commerical manner for promoting SCCA RallyCross.

Here’s the link:


They are not worthy of gracing any magazines, but if you need to need to make a flyer for your next RallyCross or make a Facebook post for your region, dig in. I chose pictures of cars that are appropriately marked with neat numbers and class letters. Every picture is from an event held within Midwest Division SCCA, as well.

Get out there and spread the word!