You think Democrats should only advocate policies Republicans will let them pass.
Jeremy Riddle

You think Democrats should only advocate policies Republicans will let them pass.

The only way for you to arrive at that conclusion from what I wrote is on the back of that strawman you created.

I think Democrats (or Independents running on a Democratic ticket) should advocate whatever positions they sincerely believe in. I also think a presidential candidate, when asked how he/she would navigate the obstacles standing in the way of those policies, should be able to offer concrete answers about political realities. Bernie was running for President of the United States but he was speaking like President of the Revolution Club. And for a man who’s been in Congress for 38 years to discount the realities of governing with magical thinking was both eye-opening and absurd.

Sanders’ talk of “revolution” is metaphorical.

No it was never metaphorical with Sanders but if it was it ceased to be, by definition, when he invoked it as a concrete political solution.

Literally no one, except perhaps yourself, expects there aren’t going to be any guillotines rolled out onto the capitol to deal with the McConnells of the world. When it comes to carrying out a new agenda, it’s necessary to take the McConnells out of the equation.

I have no idea what you’re expressing here. Are you claiming I’m the only one not expecting guillotines? And taking the “McConnells out of the equation” entails what exactly? You’re back in Bernie territory, offering vague revolutionary solutions for substantive problems. And you might have noticed that you’d just got done lecturing me that the use of “revolution” is metaphorical. You can’t have it both ways.

And let me go back to this:

Entirely unhelpful and stupid but got it.

Ah yes, the unthinking, bitter vitriol of the Bernie supporter. It seems to be the defining characteristic of the “revolution.”

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