Your very premise was that Sanders was promoting magic, complex policy goals without outlining a…
Jeremy Riddle

Your very premise was that Sanders was promoting magic, complex policy goals without outlining a specific program for getting them passed and you flat-out said Mitch McConnell would just offer a “smug chuckle,” which means you’re giving Mitch McConnell a de facto veto on whatever a Democrat may propose.

No it doesn’t mean I’m “giving Mitch McConnell a de facto veto.” Here’s what I wrote: “I imagine McConnell must have given a smug chuckle when he heard that exchange.Meaning McConnell would find that answer a rather childish empty threat because that’s exactly what it was. It doesn’t mean there’s no possible way to advance an agenda it means Bernie didn’t provide an answer based in reality. So yes, jumping from that to “You think Democrats should only advocate policies Republicans will let them pass.” was a strawman. You need to think and read more clearly.

Passing legislation is, as is so often said, like making sausages. You cut deals, both in public and in the back-rooms, you horse-trade, you threaten and cajole, you offer to let Congressman So-and-So add some pork-barrel project for his district, you agree to back Senator So-and-So’s nominee for Such-and-Such a court, you target intransigent legislators for defeat.

This is really too funny. You’re giving me the tired “sausage making” rundown of passing legislation that Bernie Sanders, in this very interview, said he would bypass with his “revolution.”

Those are the “political realities” of passing legislation and no one, not even the person asking the question, expects a presidential candidate to bring an interview to a halt and spend two or three hours outlining some detailed, prefabricated plan for getting Bill X through to the president’s desk.

Well Chris Matthews obviously expected something a little more substantive. Here’s how the interview continued:

MATTHEWS: But how do you squeeze a guy like him?
SANDERS: It’s not him. Mitch is —
MATTHEWS: All the Republicans.
SANDERS: I know Mitch McConnell. These are smart —
MATTHEWS: How do you squeeze 60 senators? You need 60 senators. You need 60 senators.
SANDERS: All right. Let me tell you this. Absolutely, positively, 100 percent, if we rally young people in this country to say, you know what, Germany, Scandinavia, other countries, they have free tuition in public college and universities. I have been all over this country, Chris. I talked to kids $30,000, $40,000, $50,000, $100,000 in debt paying a huge percentage of their income, OK?
Young people stand up and say we are sick and tired of it. We don’t want to go in debt for our whole lives because we got a college education. You know what? We’ll win that fight immediately.
But the trick is not to appeal to Mitch McConnell. It’s to say, Mitch, take a look at your e-mails.
MATTHEWS: OK. What evidence do you have this has worked for you? Have you increased the turnout in these elections?
MATTHEWS: You know, have you as a senator been able to get 60 votes for anything? Have you ever been able to do this, what you’re talking about doing? When you say I can get 60 senators —
SANDERS: Well, I am not the president of —
SANDERS: What I am saying to you, Chris —
MATTHEWS: What evidence do you have you can do it?
SANDERS: What evidence do I have?
MATTHEWS: That you can do it.
SANDERS: The evidence that I have is that’s the only way change is about —
MATTHEWS: Right, I agree with you.
SANDERS: — in this country. That’s what the civil rights movement was about. That’s what the women’s movement, gay movement.
MATTHEWS: It’s necessary, but is it sufficient?
SANDERS: That’s called, that’s the way —
MATTHEWS: Is it sufficient to get it done? They’re running their own states with their own conservative constituencies that will say, fine, Bernie Sanders is a liberal president.

Matthews asked a specific and legitimate question and Bernie punted over and over. That may sting you, but it’s painfully obvious.

It’s written in plain English.

That was you’re answer to my inquiry about what you meant by this:

Literally no one, except perhaps yourself, expects there aren’t going to be any guillotines rolled out onto the capitol to deal with the McConnells of the world.

That’s not plain English, it’s poorly written English. It means everyone except for me believes there are going to be guillotines. Read it over a few times and it’ll come to you.

…brainless Clintonites like Albright who won’t pay any attention to what I’ve written.

Why should Sally pay attention to what you’ve written? You didn’t reply to her post you replied to my comment. Besides, you’ve shown yourself to be a hostile, bitter writer who engages in name-calling and vitriol. Perhaps she doesn’t think engaging with you is worth it.

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