Before I jump into 2019 trends, I want to hit on my 2018.

Here is a review of my 2018.

I’ve included some wins, some failures, revenue numbers and one baby photo from Halloween.

#1 on Amazon for 4 Days . . . until Seth Godin launched his book.
  • Sales Goals. My goal was $10,000 in book sales before 2019. We’re at $9,024 so just shy of it. Hope to hit that in January 2019.
Sales from Gumroad. Does not include Amazon or Apple sales.
  • Hiring. GrowthHit, my growth consultancy, hired 4 new talented individuals. Working with smart people to help scale our clients has been more time consuming and rewarding than I thought.
  • Growth Goals. Fell short of our aggressive revenue goal for Growthhit by 20%. I am pushing this goal out to April 2019. We’re two clients away from hitting this.
  • Product Problems: We’ve been working on a SaaS product that we wanted to launch in October but it’s still delayed. After having to let go of a development agency we’re learning the hard way how to design and launch tech products. But, we are learning!
  • Travel: I was able to travel 44 nights this past year to places like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Dallas, and Yakima to do talks on Growth Marketing. It’s a blast to meet people but I am trying to limit my travel.
Marketing conference for Sephora.

Jim Huffman@JimWHuffman

Thank you @Sephora for hosting me at the @PalaceHotelSF for our #Marketing workshop (and for the sea salt spray recs for my hair)

6:06 PM — Jul 11, 2018 · Gold Ballroom, Palace Hotel See Jim Huffman’s other Tweets

  • Got Back into Basketball. I love hoops and it was my life for a long time. After 5 years away, I am finally playing again It’s a fun break from my crazy weeks but it’s resulted in me spending too much time sneaker shopping.
  • Stop Being Cheap and Give. Maybe it’s bc I didn’t come from money but I am pretty frugal. I am trying to be more generous with money to coworkers, charities and I’m working on something I am calling “Operation Big Tipper.” It’s inspired by Ben Hebert’s tweet but my wife and I want to leave big tips once a week to someone that needs money more than us.
  • Family First. My daughter turned one, learned to walk and rocked it as Elton John for Halloween. Love my family so much. Everything else is secondary.

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Baby + Elton John = Halloween gold!

Jim Huffman@JimWHuffman

Happy Halloween from our Tiny Dancer to Yours #Halloween #halloweencostumes #eltonjohn #rocketman #tinydancer

2018 was a year of finally launching a book I had been working on for a long time. It’s always risky putting yourself out there but I am glad I did it. More to come in 2019.

Jim Huffman

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GrowthHit CEO. TechStars Mentor. ANA Speaker. Instructor at General Assembly. Clueless dad. Aspiring NBA Player.

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