6 hacks for engineering a mentorship experience without needing an actual mentor. Welcome to mentor hacking.

I dislike the word mentor.

Maybe it’s bc I’ve been rejected by potential mentor suitors in the past.

Not to call out anyone . . . Warren Buffett.

It’s a loaded word.

But, at…

The Hard Truth Every Founder or Startup Employee Needs to Know about Money

Ca$h money!

It’s about to get awkward.

Yup, we’re talking about money.

How much money do you make? And does that income get you to “your number”?

From breaking even to F-you money, what are you really working towards?

Sadly, most people haven’t thought through this question. Even though we spend most…

Jim Huffman

GrowthHit CEO. TechStars Mentor. ANA Speaker. Instructor at General Assembly. Clueless dad. Aspiring NBA Player.

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