Which BANG are you starting 2018 with?

My new year started with being a witness to two bangs. Both were violent and powerful, yet they were also considerably different.

Skillet playing at Winterfest at Liberty University Jan. 1, 2018

The first was intentional. The bang was to entertain as the Christian rock band Skillet performed on stage at Liberty University. They finished their concert just after midnight with a flurry of flames and fireworks coordinated with the final flicks on guitars and sticks pounding drumheads.

The second bang was accidental … a single car collision with a guardrail after jumping a median ditch on a dark highway. We came upon the aftermath of this bang on our way home from the concert and stopped to call 911 on behalf of the shocked driver and her very stunned passenger.

Not the accident we came upon but this was roughly what we saw

Fortunately, the occupants of the car, though seriously injured, seemed like they were going to be okay as police and medics arrived and we continued on our way. From all appearances, my guess is the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Both bangs rang in the new year. One intentional, the other accidental. It made me ponder how I am starting my new year…with intention, or without purpose like dust being blown about in the wind.

I feel like much of the results of 2017 for me were accidental…almost as if I were sleeping at the wheel. I intend to be far more purposeful with 2018, starting with scheduling my priorities versus prioritizing my schedule. Join me in starting every day of the new year with a great BANG of momentum, purpose, and outcomes we can be proud of. What’s your bang for this year?

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