Pokemon Go has changed the game

​Gamification is front and center as a global ​phenomenon with the release of Pokemon Go. This new way of playing games — and, ultimately, interacting with the ​real ​world — smashed its way into our lives this month​. ​

Gamification is defined as “playfully inducting behavior”, and ​Pokemon GO is driving millions to act in an entirely new way. And Pokemon Go ​will be a prominent topic at our Gamification for Business Forum in Chicago (October 18–20th), looking at its implications in digital culture, and ​how AR games can be wielded for business purpose​.

The Wall Street Journal reports “Augmented Reality is the future of how we’re going to interact with computers. It connects us to others and our environment in a way no technology has before”.

For the fourth year, gamification pioneer and guru Jim Wexler will Chair the our Gamification for Business conference he founded. Keynote speakers from top companies ​will provide strategic insights and case studies . Gamification is more relevant than ever, and it is expanding its reach every day. Sign up here to join us there.

Save the date: October 18–20, 2016
Gamification for Business
Chicago, IL