Über mich (About me)

I’ve worked for the U.S. Army since 2002, first as a Soldier, and now as a civilian leader. I’ve worked in tech since the late 90’s, always staying up on fads and trends in this industry of industries. I’ve gravitated towards web coding and design, and more recently found deep rewards in the complexities of maintainable software architecture and team leadership dynamics.

I love art and drawing as a descriptive language, and I love code as a form of art. My code paints a picture about me as much as any of my drawings.

My family consists of a couple kids I’m extremely proud of and an amazing German wife that has really helped me understand just how limited my perspective on life used to be without them.

I’ve been told throughout my life that I should be a teacher, but I have a strong distaste for the academic industrial complex and social networking schools. The result has been a focus on providing mentorship and coaching in one-on-one conversations, leading one-off focused training sessions, and simply through my writing. I prefer to propel people forward into their potential, and these relatively unstructured methods seem to have the best results for me.

My work in the federal government is publicly funded, and it is my intent to always do my best to make sure work approved for release makes it back into the public space. If the code itself cannot be shared for whatever various reasons, I will at least try to share the lessons learned in a more abstract way.

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