Why Marketers Must Understand the Internet of Things

I like that we’re finally tackling the elephant in the room represented by the IoT (at least from a consumer and marketing perspective), and I do like some of the potential real life examples you’ve chosen too.

I would however have to conclude that the IoT is firmly with us already – from the industrial, to the happy consumer face of IoT, embodied by the wearables sector, we are in contact with the IoT on a near daily basis, whether we are aware of it or not…

I think that the big challenge we have with this dearth of new IP enabled devices is how we go about securing them, and ultimately our own privacy in an age of ultra-connectivity.

This I would say is as equally pressing a priority to OEMS and communications professionals as the use of the data will be to marketeers… but that’s just my own cerebral ramblings on the subject of the IoT for the day 🤔

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