New Year’s Day 2018

A new start to an old life with the possibility of something better

What’s different than yesterday?

That seems to be the question.

How to, or even if we can, make the new year truly new is the challenge before us.

Flipping the page of the calendar signifies a new month. Does a new day change the past, or lessen the pain or calm the fear of the unknown?

New bills, old bills. Dust still settles and must be dealt with.

Things will still break and need to be fixed. If we can fix them why can’t we fix ourselves? That’s the thing about we humans, we always want better but often expect circumstances to change unaided or give lip service to making it better. Certainly the realization that you are the only one that can make it better is part of maturation.

To paraphrase, “growing up is so very hard to do”. Mama and Daddy can’t help you we find.

Begs the question….

What is this “better”? Is it less pain? More love? More money? Less fear? It seems yes is the answer to all of these questions.

If that’s the case, it seems that opportunity to improve is everywhere. Throw a dart at the board of life and start where it lands. The very act of taking control of something that is not presently seems like a positive direction.

Who knows if all these musings are of any value? It seems not to matter as the point is you’re doing something new in the new year.

Happy New Year


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